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Our Story

Birthed in nature, rooted in goodness, extracted for enjoyment.

The journey of our Inah Premium Grape Juice begins in our beloved vineyard, nestled in the foothills near the Stellenbosch region on the southernmost tip of Africa.

In this scenic valley, the Inah grape varietals come to maturity, nourished by the ancient soils. Filled with rich flavours and heart protecting antioxidants, these grapes are harvested at their prime.

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Our unique processing methods ensure that we derive the maximum benefits of the crop in each crafted batch. Meticulous packaging ensures that the goodness of the grape is sealed in, whilst guaranteeing the product is alcohol free.

The result is a premium grape juice which is a rich, sensory experience enjoyed the world over. The earthy tones of the juice play warmly against the velvet finish on the palate, paying tribute to the splendid beauty of the region it originated.

Our products

Because we only pick when the grapes are at optimal readiness, our yields are limited, which ensures the exclusive luxuriousness of our perfected juices. Our range is Halaal Certified and vegan friendly, are packed full of natural anti-oxidants with no sugar or colourants added.