Why is Inah different?
Inah juice is made from fresh grapes, picked during the harvest season and the colour is naturally obtained from the skins of the grape. Most other juices are made from concentrate, which is then diluted with water and is flavoured and coloured artificially. This is why Inah has a higher nutritional value than other juices.

What is the shelf life of the product?
Inah can be kept at a constant temperature for at least four years compared to other grape juices that have a shelf life of only a few months.

Can people suffering with diabetes consume Inah?
All kinds of sugar are dangerous for diabetics. Inah contains no added sugar (sucrose). The sugars found in Inah are glucose and fructoses that are natural sugars found in grapes. Please consult your doctor.

Does Inah have the same nutritional value as wine?
With wine all nutrition from the grape is extracted by fermentation, however the extraction is only between 60 and 70%. Inah grape juices are cell burst, thus we can extract up to 90% nutritional value from the grape skins and pips. One can therefore conclude that Inah has a higher nutritional value than wine.

Does Inah contain any sulphar?
Yes there is a small percentage of sulphar in the juice as the grapes used to make Inah are sprayed with sulphar while on the vine.

Is Inah organic?
At the present moment no, currently we are using wine grapes that do not comply with organic grape specifications.

Why produce a product like Inah?
A community, who for religious reasons do not consume alcohol, approached us. Many people from this community were suffering from high cholesterol, due to their diet and were looking for a beverage that they could consume with their meals that had the same effects of red wine in reducing cholesterol.

Is there really a market for Inah?
At present Inah is one of the few non-alcoholic beverages that could be described as prestigious therefore we have found that there is definitely a gap in the market for such a product.

Does the product suffer bottle shock?
Yes, like all wines this product needs some time to settle after it is bottled to allow all the flavours to marry.

Does Inah mature well when bottled?
Yes for some reason we have found that Inah like good red wines, matures well in a bottle and could be aged in the bottle for a few years.

Why is there no gas in Inah?
Producers carbonate some grape juices as it compliments flavours and tastes and disguises the sweetness of the juice, which is why some carbonated grape juices taste like sugar water once the gas is lost. With Inah all the natural flavours of the grape are used, therefore there is no need to carbonate.

Why is Inah so sweet?
Normal red wine drinkers would probably find Inah to be sweet, although communities that are not accustomed to drinking ‘dry’ products do not find the juice to be that sweet. Saying that, Inah can be diluted with water, soda water or ice to reduce the sweetness. Inah could also be added to wines that have passed their best in a ratio of 40 – 60. This refreshes the wine totally and gives a totally new character to the wine.

Where does the name Inah originate from?
Originally we asked a colleague over seas to fax us through the Arabic word for grape, however the fax was not received clearly, the correct word for grape in Arabic is Inab, but due to the faulty fax we perceived it to be Inah. This was a blessing in disguise as we have found that in general the public prefers the name Inah, which also means ‘holy’ or ‘pure’, also in a bit of fun in shortened sms terms the meaning can translate to “I need a hug”.

Are you planning to increase your basket of products?
Yes, we are planning to produce a superior olive oil together with grape seed oil. We are also looking at producing a sparkling grape juice that would be bottled as non-alcoholic champagne.

Do you have a fan club?
We have a dedicated clientele who not only collects Inah but purchase on a continuous basis. You can join our monthly newsletter for updates on specials and promotions. You can also visit us on Facebook.

Who is your biggest market?
Not surprisingly our biggest market is made up of consumers who have never consumed alcohol before. We do have a small percentage of customers who wants to limit their alcohol intake and therefore consume Inah in between or mix it with their wine.

Where can your products be purchased?
A list of suppliers can be supplied to you. Please e-mail us at sales@inahsuperiorproducts.com and give us detailed information of where you reside and we will furnish you with the particulars of your nearest supplier / distributor.

Is Inah really healthy?
According to various studies done on the benefits of red wine, we believe Inah to have approximately 30% more benefits.

Why does the 2014 Juice taste and look different to the 2007 Juices?
As our product is totally natural, every harvest of every year is different. Climate plays a critical role to how the juice will look and taste. Climate can not only change the colour of the juice but definitely the taste as the acidity and sugars contained in the grape will change with every harvest season.

Are you going to produce a white juice?
We envisage adding juice obtained from white grapes to our portfolio by next harvest season. We decided not to add them as yet as we wanted to establish ourselves with the unique red juices as on face value our white juices would look very similar to juices that are already being marketed by other juice manufacturers.

Have you had any comebacks or complaints about the product?
The only complaints that we have received since our initial bottling was that some found the juice to be too sweet. We did have a client who complained that she had bought a few bottles of Inah and once opened the product “foamed”. This should never occur, and after some investigation into the cause, we found that the product had been exposed to drastic temperature changes. Extreme temperature changes for example traveling with the juice in a boot of ones car for long periods could also cause the corks to push upwards.

Is there any product the same or similar to Inah on the market?
As far as we know Inah is a unique product. As far as we know we are pioneers on an untravelled road. This has become evident, as we have had to educate the general public on the differences of our product and other products that are currently on the market. For this reason our best marketing device has been the word of mouth.

Can I use your product in alcoholic cocktails?
Yes, in fact this has already been tried and tested. One such cocktail has been named “The Red Barron” this comprises of 50% Vodka, 50% Inah juice served with red cherries.

Can we substitute Inah instead of wine in cooking?
Because Inah is high in glucose and fructose it tends to caramelize, so we caution against high heat. Saying this Inah gives a superb flavour too many dishes, experiment and enjoy!!

What quantity of Inah should I consume to reap health benefits?
Studies have shown that a normal 180ml wine glass a day will show good results.

Does Inah have a quality control system in place?
The producer of Inah is IPW accredited.

Does Inah go through a maturation process?
Inah juice is stored in tanks at low temperatures, therefore maturation cannot take place. After bottling the juice is then stored at room temperature and bottle maturation takes place. We have found that the juice matures very well when bottled.

Why is only the cabernet sauvignon wooded?
We decided to give one of the juices a totally different character. The cabernet sauvignon lends itself very well to a wooded character. In order for us to obtain this, we insert oak wood staves into the tanks as the juice would ferment if placed into barrels.

How long can you keep an open bottle of Inah in the fridge ?
At least 3 weeks as long as the temperature remains under 5 degrees.

Can Inah form sediment at the bottom of the bottle?
Yes it can. Inah is made from the same grapes used to make wine. Sediment is a natural occurrence and therefore it can happen.

Is the sediment that forms safe to drink?
Yes. The sediment is part of the juice, but because it has a different texture some people might not like it. You can try to stop pouring as the sediment becomes visible and that way it will not end up in your glass.